Advantages and Disadvantages of Gold IRA Investing

Every kind of investment will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Investing in gold IRA is not an exception to this. Gold IRA investing also has its own share of pros and cons. However, it is observed that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages to make it a reliable source of investment for the investors.

Advantages of Gold IRA Investing

Probably one of the biggest advantages of gold IRA investing is that, the demand for gold is always more than that it is supplied. This statement is especially true in case of the Middle East nations which are now touted to be the largest consumers of gold. Take the case of India; it is a known fact that India emerged as the largest consumer of gold with the world gold council quantifying it at 737 tonnes a decade back. Apart from this there is a flexibility to buy and sell gold quickly. There would be little effect upon the price. This ensures that there is little or almost zero risk of a decrease in value. Another factor that impresses is that gold is now being treated as a hedging tool in the investor’s portfolios. This is because of the near zero risk of value depreciation it offers.

Investing in gold IRA online has now become a reality. Investors can now buy, sell and virtually trade in gold commodity just like any other stock or equities. This has become a major factor that supports gold IRA investing because investing online reduces the risk of actually owning the metal. There are also options wherein you may possess physical gold however.

The market for gold has the support for banks globally with their official share estimated at 20% in the official gold reserves. The gold price does not rely on strength of the currency i.e., a decrease in the value of the dollar doesn’t have a negative effect on its price. Last but not the least, the price of gold is not influenced by any kind of political instabilities or crisis.

Disadvantages Of Investing in Gold IRA

There is also another side of the coin. First and major disadvantage of gold IRA investing is that gold doesn’t provide any instant appreciable income. The value of the income has to be seen over the long term. There can be several ways to invest in gold IRA . Investment in the form of jewelery is one form of gold IRA investing. However, this form of investment attracts a lot of care to be taken to prevent it against damage. This is especially true when you trade with gold jewelery. Raw gold is another form of gold IRA investing. This is not at all suitable for those dealing with large quantities. There would be additional costs like insurance and storage costs involved when you trade and invest in large quantities of gold.

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