Regal Assets Review – Gold IRA Rollover

Regal Assets Review -Investing Gold IRA Rollover

Regal Assets Located in Burbank, this gold company has over five decades of industry expertise. Staffed with industry professionals who are familiar with the precious metals market, and featuring a variety of products, the company continues to offer advanced support to investors looking to make costly metals part of their portfolios. The company has outstandingly been recommended on several magazines such as the 2013 Investment Guide for Forbes, gaining the #20 rank for financial services in USA by the Inc. Magazine. The company is both reputable and well established.

Accreditation and Ratings

Regal Assets boasts an A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau), an “AAA” from BCA (Business Consumer Alliance), 5 stars from TrustLink, 588+ customer reviews,12 positive reviews on city search,5 star ratings on Yellowpages,looks safe 100% on Scamadviser and has a 100/100 rating on The company tops the list of Gold IRA Companies in USA .

Regal Assets (RA) is one such reputed company, highly rated by clients and industry curators. This, however, does not implement you should emotionally base your verdicts on such ratings. The company is still heading on top in almost all gold dealers reviews,till today. Let’s take a look at the company, and its products and services to see if it really deserves consideration.

What Does the Company Do?

In basic terms, Regal Assets is a precious metals dealer. Whether you’re looking for coins or bullion, you can make the purchase outright that way. If funding your investments is more what you’re concerned about, this company is a one-stop shop with IRA rollovers also being available. Regal Assets being noted as a Top 20 firm in its sector, rolling over your 401K or investing in a gold IRA with the company’s an idea that shouldn’t be shrugged off cavalierly. The security alone makes this an even better possibility.

 Products Sold

  • Credit Suisse 9999.9 Gold Bars “1 ,2.5 ;5,10,20,50 gm_1 oz,10 oz and one kilo gold bars.
    • Gold American Buffalo Proof
    • Gold American Eagle Proof
    • Gold American Eagle Proof Set
    • Gold British Sovereign
    • Gold Swiss 20 Franc
    • Gold French 20 Franc Napolean
    • Gold French 20 Franc Angel
    • Gold French 20 Franc Rooster
    • Gold Swiss 20 Franc
    • Gold British Sovereign
    • Liberty Head Gold Coins with $2.50, $5, $10, $20 Face Values
    • Saint-Gaudens Gold Coins
    • Indian Head Gold Coin with $2.50, $5, $10 Face Values
    • Gold Bullion Coins
    • Gold Bullion Bars
    • Silver Bullion
    • Platinum Bullion
    • Palladium Bullion
    • Morgan Dollar Silver Coins
    • Peace Dollar Silver Coins
    • Junk Silver Coins

Clearly, the options are plentiful from an investing standpoint.

What is the minimum purchase amount?

Merchant Package $5,000 This package is for an individual looking for peace of mind and the immediate security of precious metals.This $5,000 reserve amount of gold  can be easily liquidated should an emergency occur where you need some immediate access to capital. There are also investment portfolios appealing to long term investors like the Knighthood Package $10,000 ,the Legacy Portfolio $25,000, the Kingship Portfolio $50,000,the Dynasty Portfolio $100,000 and the Coronation Portfolio $250,000 +.

Metals Delivery

The company has one of the fastest delivery processes that service cash deals within 7 days of funding of the account. Clients can track their orders using a tracking number, and the items are fully insured, with RA taking fully responsibility for the shipment till it is cautiously delivered at the destination. RA even goes the extra mile to satisfy clients for delays in 7-day delivery guarantee with a 1 oz. Silver American Eagle.

Customer Service

Expert services, round-the-clock support from a personal investment advisor, extensive information featured on their website, and a  free gold investment kit on request, make it more comfortable and reassuring for investors looking for secure investment options.

This brings us to…


There’s telling you that Regal Assets is a trustworthy and then there’s showing you evidence that supports the claim. Since this company could be handling your finances for the next while, you’re probably wondering where this reputation for professionalism’s coming from. Here’s a quick rundown of how this irreproachable standing came about it.

What Have People Been Saying?

Regal Assets prides itself for a 99.9% client satisfaction rating. Recently,The Trustlink staff launched a verification campaign for two weeks to check if all these testimonials were legitimate. The verification process included validating all the e-mails for the testimonials that were posted on TrustLink for Regal Assets and calling many of the testimonials and speaking to them personally on the phone.The result was Trustlink kept their 5 star rating for the company and added more credibility to RA staff.

At the same time, a lack of complaints doesn’t necessarily tell you the full story. People may have issues with a service but not feel upset enough to formally complain. What are customers actually saying about their experiences with Regal Assets?

For customers were new to purchasing precious metals, the knowledge and friendliness of company reps were greatly appreciated. So if you’re looking for “training wheels” as a newbie on the hunt for gold bullion to buy, this is a fantastic company.

Another feature that reviewers liked was the ease of transaction. Unlike some places where you might feel like you’re flying blind, it appears that Regal Assets makes sure that customers have the support they need.

The best part about the testimonials is that there are always new reviews being written.

What Makes Regal Assets Gold IRA Services Stand out from their Competitors?

When it comes to Regal Assets Gold IRA, clients can stay assured to be dealing with experts of the field.The highest ratings this company has received either from major review organizations like the BBB,BCA and Trustlink or by the media come not from the void,the majority of clients who put their trust on Regal Assets reported a top notch customer service , handling their IRAs  was ultimately with no pressure and a brilliantly proved professionalism throughout the pre and post precious metals purchase.

Setting up your retirement account with Regal Assets.

When it comes to precious metals retirement accounts,Regal Assets are an industry leader providing the best storage and fee structure as well as the quickest processing time.

Regal Assets have made the IRA sing up an easy process ,doing everything on-line guarantees that the client will not have to hand sign documents. Doing business electronically eliminates many issues that you can run into with other companies and shortens the transfer process. Clients can open a new IRA account within 24,while other competitors take up to 7 business days to open  new IRA accounts. When transferring desired funds from another custodian ,RA typically get it done within 48 business hours,while an average competitor takes up to 30 days as longs as 90 days to complete the transfer of funds.

The minimum investment amount fixed by RA for precious metals IRA accounts is $10,000.00.

What processes are included?

  • First of all clients should  fill out the IRA SET UP FORM provided by RA on this page : .
  • Upon filling out the form and on the same business day , clients receive all the IRA paperwork required for them to sign via e-mail,the documents are fully filled out for the clients so that all they need to do is sign where they are asked .The whole process is done electronically so there is no need for clients to print or fax the signed paperwork.
  • Within 24 hours of  signing the IRA paperwork, a new IRA account will be setup for you.
  • Once this done,you will be notified of your new IRA account number via e-mail.
  • Following the IRA account setup you will be sent transfer request paperwork via e-mail and again can complete everything electronically.
  • Once the signed transfer request is received ,Regal Assets IRA department starts the work for you by getting in contact with the current custodian and moving the requested funds into the new IRA account .
  • You can be sure to be up to date on where Regal Assets is with the process by daily calls or e-mails throughout every step of the transfer process .
  • Regal Assets  are the only precious metals company that keeps the client up to date on exactly every step of the process through calls and e-mails.
  • Once the funds are available in the new IRA account ,an account executive will immediately get in contact with you  and help you with the precious metals you want to purchase.
  • Clients can tell the account executive exactly what they want to purchase and prices are locked up right then and there.
  • After you lock up precious metal prices and fund your precious metal position everything will typically shipped to Brinks within 7 business days. Again Regal Assets are the only precious metals company that ships IRA accounts within 7 business days of being funded.
  • Once the precious metals arrive at Brinks ,you will be notified by phone or e-mail notified and you can see all your precious metals online and track the progress of your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Regal Assets IRA Account Set up Fees and Storage.

The fee structure associated with Regal Assets Gold  IRA enables clients to benefit from the lowest prices in the industry .The company guarantees to cover all first year dues for client’s retirement accounts which include the storage fees and delivery of metals,as well as the setup fees and  the administration fees no matter what the value of the account,which means that your precious metal retirement account will not receive a bill until the second year and the bill will be a flat $250.00.This allows clients to save over $700.00 which most other competitors make the clients pay. After the client locks up precious metal prices and funds their precious metals position ,all items will typically be shipped to Brinks within 7 business days. Regal Assets are the only precious metals company that ships retirement accounts within 7 business days of being funded. Other competitors take over 30 days to ship precious metals and as long as 90 days to set up new IRAs.

Most of Regal Assets competitors have a scaling administration fee schedule which costs the clients more as the account value increases,they also have the same scaling fee schedule for storage costing the client more as the account increases.

While other contenders start at $225.00 per year for segregated storage or don’t allow it at all,Regal Assets ensures a fully segregated storage with Brinks for a flat annual fee of $150.00 ..Not only is RA the only company to offer this service,but they also are the only company that offers  a flat annual $100.00 administration fee on all retirement accounts .This means that your precious metal retirement account will not receive a bill until the second year and the bill will be a flat $250.00.Most of Regal Assets competitors have a scaling administration fee schedule which costs the clients more as the account value increases,they also have the same scaling fee schedule for storage costing the client more as the account increases.

The Bottom Line.

Regal Assets has been the top rated Precious Metals company over the last three years ,outreaching their competitors in all levels.The company has been excellently accredited by BCA, Trust Link and BBB among other defining authorities .Hundreds of clients posted positive feedback all over the internet, as well as an excellent recognition and awarding by Forbes and Inc 500 Magazines, adding strongly to the popularity of this company.

If you are serious about investing in a gold IRA account,then you should consider Regal Assets’ excellent catalogue of highly sought after precious metals,exclusive customer service, flawless reputation, and a proven track record of helping folks like you savor the best of precious metals investments. What more could you possibly want in a precious metals dealer?

“Good things come to those who wait” isn’t just sound advice for kids learning about delayed gratification. It’s the key to financial independence and having enough funds to live off of once you’ve retired. What do you dream of doing after you’ve retired?

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